Monday, December 31, 2012

iPhone 5 Review

iPhone 5

 This is the new iPhone. The iPhone 5 is a great phone for business people or for just everyday use. This phone can get a little pricey but, if you get it with the right carrier, you might be able to get a pretty good deal on one. This new iPhone has a new LTE chip inside of it. You probably have heard of this before in a ton of commercial in other phones. Not Apple. This is what everyone has been hoping for. An LTE chip is a chip inside of the phone that produces very fast internet browsing speed while surfing the web. that is basically all that it really does. This new iPhone also offer a new 4 inch screen. This screen is just a little big bigger from the previous iPhone 4s. But, i have to say, you ca defiantly notice the difference. While browsing Facebook or Twitter, you can see more of the posts that people post on there. It does not seem like much but if you decide to get one or try one out, you will defiantly notice a difference. Another pretty big feature that the iPhone 5 offers is the Apple A6 Processor. This processor is a real beast. It has the best geek bench score tests any other phone has had. It is great for game play  You do not see any of the frames while playing a games and is also great for just scrolling through the interface. There is no lagging or any glitches what so ever. it is just a great improvement  the greatest improvement in my opinion is the new 8 mega pixel camera. This is an auto focusing camera and i the best on the market for a cell phone photo. It takes Photos as good a a Nikon little pocket camera. Great for beginning photographer and everything from learning how to use a focus on a camera and things like that. There is just one more improvement that most people really aren't to happy about It is the new lightning connector. This connector is all digital and is a lot smaller than the previous connector. Apple now sells adapters to fit the new lighting connector into a device that supports it. Those usually run for about 30 dollars. That is guys thank you for reading and please check back often for more reviews on electronics.

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