Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 Review

 This is the new Samung Galaxy player 5.0. It is not a Samsung phone though. The Samsung Galaxy Player are not a phone. They are simply a media playing device just like the iPod Touch from Apple. The Galaxy Player is running Android Gingerbread Software. This is the full Gingerbread just like in the Samsung Galaxy Note II. This Device has GPS inside of it so when not connected to WiFi, you can still enter the Maps application and locate yourself. It just is not as  accurate as if you were connected to WiFi. From what I have tried of doing this, it is still pretty accurate. The Samsung Galaxy player has everything of the Galaxy Note II. It literally everything the same but it just does not have phone capability. If you are looking to have a mini tablet or some kind of thing like that, I highly recommend this device. It has a 5 inch screen which is huge in my eyes but, it can still fit into your pocket very well and you can hold it in your hand very well also. Another great feature is that you DO NOT have to pay for a cell phone bill or data plan. This is a WiFi Only device and words perfectly good on WiFi. I hope that you end up buying this great device. Thank you for reading and please check back soon for more reviews on electronics.

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