Friday, January 18, 2013

iPod Touch 4th Generation Review

Even though there is already a new iPod touch on market, there still is the iPod touch before that. This is one of the cheap electronics that I post on this blog. This is the iPod touch 4th Generation. This iPod still has all of the same capabilities as the new one, but it has a little bit of a slower processor, the screen is a LITTLE smaller, and there is no Siri. In my opinion, these do not make to much of a big deal if you are on a strict budget and still want a decent media player. It has an A4 processor inside which is still really fast. It still has that beautiful Retina display screen. It is the highest resolution screen on the market right now and is just plain beautiful. For me, a screen resolution is a great turn on. If you like to watch movies or YouTube videos a lot on media devices you are defiantly going to like the screen. Just like I do. The models come in 16 32 and 64 gb capacity. Now in my opinion if you would like to have around 350 songs or less and a couple of videos, and around 50 apps, the 16 gb version is PERFECT for you. I cannot stress this enough. You do not need to buy the 64 or 32 gb Version if you are like the person I just said above. You will still have PLENTY of space for other things that you might want. Please check back for more review on electronics and feel free to leave a comment requesting something that you would like reviewed. IMPORTANT- I have a link right below this post to They have the best deal I can find on the iPod touch 4th Generation 16 GB Please feel free to check it out thanks.

This is for the iPod itself

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